The release of Facebook’s new and highly talked about Facebook Bot is drawing a lot of attention, both for those working inside Facebook, and for those following the news outside of the walls of facebook’s walls. Why all the excitement? For starters, Facebook Messenger currently has more than one billion daily active users world-wide.

facebook messenger bot

Not registered members. Not individuals who obviously got forced into it when Facebook spun it off of the official facebook app. Instead we are speaking about regular, everyday users who have chosen Messenger as their primary communication channel with their friends. These customers obviously want and need better customer experience, which is why they are turning to the bot as their new preferred method for interacting with Facebook. And the bot has actually received quite a boost in popularity so far, with the launch of Facebook’s latest feature: the ability for groups to vote on messages and stories for the News Feed.

As I outlined in my last blog post, the major purpose of the Bot was to provide facebook messenger bot users with improved customer service, or rather better support for customer service. That’s why I feel it’s important to discuss this functionality now, as its popularity is on the rise. After all, while Facebook may very well eventually kill the messenger application, it will surely replace it with something far better. And if Facebook doesn’t get it right, then other platforms will.

What is going on? Well, the rise of chat bots, which are actually automated software programs (not like your average facebook chat program) that run on Facebook’s servers, has been an evolution of chat applications over the past few years. The bot provides an extremely simplified, fast, and convenient means of communicating with active users, providing them with a much more personal communication experience, while taking up very little space on their phones. It’s also led to the rise of bots that perform tasks related to a company’s marketing, such as posting status updates, sharing links, and announcing events.

So what makes the Facebook Messenger Bot different than those other chat apps? It’s simple, really. Unlike most chat apps, the Facebook Bot provides you with an interface that looks and feels just like an actual app. The Bots look and act just like a real person would when you give them a call. You can even use Bots to make calls! All of this is accomplished simply by tapping the Bot icon located at the bottom right of the chat windows.

Another nice feature of the Facebook Messenger Bot is the addition of a “welcoming message” button, which allows Facebook users to click on a short phrase that is linked to a special event or occasion, like the upcoming birthday of a friend or a recent promotion. By clicking on this welcoming message button, Facebook users can indicate that they are interested in the associated event. Upon doing so, they will be taken to a page where they can either accept or decline the offer.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to using Facebook Messenger Bots is the ability to offer mobile apps for everything from mobile payment options to customer service options for your business. Bots make it easy to offer everything from accepting credit cards to providing information about live events for your customers. You have a wide variety of mobile apps to choose from, and a wide variety of ways to promote each of them. You can even easily promote Facebook apps, like your own Facebook Messenger Bot, in order to draw in new users and drive interest in new offerings.

However, bots can be just as valuable as a human employee if used correctly. In order to effectively use a bot in this capacity, you need to focus on creating a first-class experience for Facebook users. Because of their small size and limited memory, bots don’t have as much storage space and can’t handle large files like an email account. Rather than trying to cram lots of information into a message, focus on offering a clear and concise message with useful information to help someone out with their needs. This approach will help ensure that your bot engages your customers, gets them to trust you, and helps you get more customers in the future.

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