Fleur Desel – An Extraordinary Condiment

It is not by accident that fleur de sel and fleur de la lis are two of the most popular terms in decorating terms today. In fact, the only way you will probably know the difference between fleur de sel salt and fleur de la lis salts is if you have ever had to shop for...

Italian Black Truffle Salt

It’s truffle time! The classic delight of the high street store has made its way to the kitchen once more. Themed candy bars and sugary baked treats have made their way into the homes of Britain’s elite. But now, caviar and truffles are making their way...

How to Communicate With a Messenger Bot?

A chatbot is an automated software program used in order to run an instant on-line chat session via either text or voice-to-voice, rather than giving out direct human contact with another individual. It can be very helpful for companies who want to keep their...
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