Pink Salt From Walmart – Is It Healthy?

You can find pink Himalayan salt from Walmart if you look hard enough. This salt is processed and has been stripped of almost all of the naturally occurring trace minerals. These trace minerals are what make salt so healthy for you to use. If you start using Walmart...

Dead Sea Salt Baths From WalMart

Dead Sea salt are both used for many different things, and the most common question is how to get the best Dead Sea salt bath from Wal Mart. The simple answer to that is to read the labels on the tubs that you are buying. If you want to get the most effective bath...

How to Use Bath Salts For Natural Skin Care

Dead Sea Salt is a best-selling bath salt. Sought after by countless others for its skin refreshing & healing properties, this all-natural salt is perfect for massaging dry, cracked heels, feet & elbows, knees & elbows, feet & wrists, and/or dry...
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