It’s truffle time! The classic delight of the high street store has made its way to the kitchen once more. Themed candy bars and sugary baked treats have made their way into the homes of Britain’s elite. But now, caviar and truffles are making their way onto the shelves of high-end restaurants across the world. Now it’s truffle time!

Italian Black Truffle Salt ranks high on many food enthusiasts “to-try” lists. Rich with truffle flavor, it’s a must try for those who love truffles but can’t quite justify spending the money on them. Like truffles themselves, it’s a little bit of a guilty pleasure. Italian Black Truffle Salt tastes similar to pistachios with their earthy and nutty flavors. Add some lemon juice or extra virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor, and you’ve got an excellent truffle.

There are several different varieties of truffle salt available, so the trick is to find one that meets your taste buds’ expectations. Italian Black Truffle Salt has a very distinctively strong mushroom flavor, which is made even stronger by the addition of lemon juice. If you’re a lover of mushrooms, then this salt is definitely for you. Spices such as Rosemary, thyme, oregano, garlic, ginger and bay leaves give it a slightly spicy texture, whilst giving it a mushroom flavor. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and you’ve got a treat, which goes great with creamy cheeses and chocolate truffles.

Like many of the other types of truffle salts on the market, Italian black truffle salt also comes in different flavors, including raspberry, cranberry, citrus and apricot. The variety can be adjusted by adding extra lemon juice to the salt or simply leaving out the citrus and raspberry. You may find that there’s enough raspberry essence left to use a spoonful of to dip into chocolate truffle cookies. Another great thing about this salt is that it comes in three different sizes, which allows you to be able to use a little bit of each size, or perhaps all three sizes, without having to go out and buy more. This makes it very economical and convenient to have.

If you like a stronger flavor, then you might want to try the Italian black truffle sea salt. It’s a little bit less smoky than the previous variety, but still packs quite a wallop, in terms of flavor. It has a wonderful peppery flavor that goes perfectly with rabbit or veal. In fact, it pairs especially well with tenderloins, so if you’re going to use veal, be sure to season it well before cooking.

It’s the fruit flavor that really takes it up a notch. Sprinkle some black truffle salt right into your pies, scones or cornbread, and you’ll find that they become delicious. You can’t just put any kind of fruit into these, though. It has to be at the right season for that particular fruit. Citrus fruits will do nothing for black truffle salt – only citrus fruits during the peak season will work. If you’re not sure which season to use, just remember that summer is when they come in best.

Pecans are the truffles that most people think about when Italian black truffle salt is mentioned. You can sprinkle them on just about anything, and they come in a very light dusting of dust. Make pecan scones for breakfast, or else sprinkle them over pasta as well. Or sprinkle them over lasagna, or over the top of baked potatoes. They make a great light meal that’s delicious, but isn’t heavy on the calories.

The real thing, however, is that there is no substitute for real Italian black truffle salt. It’s salty, rich, and just plain delicious. Try sprinkling a little bit on a portion of your food to sample its flavor, and then decide whether you want more. This salt is rare, and it comes at an expensive price, but it will give you something wonderful to taste that no other salt can.

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